Ask Governor to sign landmark education legislation

SB 1165 will push sexual abuse and trafficking prevention education to CA schools
Anti-trafficking movement leaders expressed optimism as Senate Bill 1165 (Mitchell, Block) reached the Governor’s desk for signature Monday afternoon.

“We appreciate Sen. Holly Mitchell’s efforts in fighting for this bill,” said Daphne Phung, founder and executive director of California Against Slavery, which sponsored the legislation. “With the proliferation of the Internet and cell phone devices in the hands of our students, they are more vulnerable than ever to sexual abuse and trafficking.”

If signed into law by Gov. Brown, SB 1165 will require the California Department of Education’s Instructional Commission to “consider including a distinct category on sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention education” when the health framework is revised after January 1, 2015, according to the bill language. The bill would also authorize school districts to provide sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention education.

“On average, kids get sucked into trafficking between 12 and 14 years old,” said Mitchell. “We need to arm our children with information that can protect them when they are most vulnerable and where they spend the most time — at school.”

The prevention education will focus on helping students recognize sexual abuse, assault, and sex trafficking, learn about risk factors and prevention strategies, how to report suspected incidents and identifying local resources for victims. Students will also discuss learn about healthy boundaries in relationships, the influence of media, and state and federal laws about sexual abuse and trafficking.

“Our kids probably do not realize that when they post explicit photos or videos of themselves or their friends online, they may be engaged in child pornography — which is a serious federal felony,” said Phung. “In addition they make themselves accessible to sex traffickers, who are lurking online for their next victim. This life saving education has been a long time in coming.”

We need your support.

Please contact Gov. Brown today and tell him that our children and youth need this bill to make prevention education a reality.

Here are three ways to contact the governor:

By phone at (916) 445-2841.
By email.
By free e-fax to (916) 558-3160.

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