Board Members

Chris Kelly, Esq.

Chris is the founder of the Safer California Foundation and the co-proponent of Proposition 35 (CASE Act). He has a long track record of representing innovative companies and making the Internet a safer place for kids and adults alike. As the former Chief Privacy Officer for Facebook, he worked with Attorneys General in all 50 states to develop safeguards protecting children from sexual predators. He was also a candidate in the 2010 California Attorney General election. Chris is a Silicon Valley attorney, philanthropist, and investor.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey

Jackie is the District Attorney of Los Angeles County, the largest local prosecutorial office in the nation with roughly 1,000 lawyers, nearly 300 investigators and about 800 support staff employees.  On Dec. 3, 2012, she was sworn in as the 42nd District Attorney of Los Angeles County. She is the first woman and first African-American to serve as Los Angeles County District Attorney since the office was created in 1850.

Brian R. Marvel (President)

Brian is the President of the San Diego Police Officers Association. He joined the San Diego Police Department in 1999. He served ten years in patrol operations. He currently works in the newly created Wellness Unit. His special assignments included the Bravo Team and eight years as the Terrorism Liaison Officer for Western Division. He is a veteran and spent one year in Fallujah, Iraq recruiting and training the newly formed Iraqi police. Brian is an adjunct professor at the San Diego Regional Police Academy.

Carissa Phelps, Esq., MBA

Carissa is an author, attorney, survivor-leader, and national trainer and speaker. At 12 years old, she was a foster child and runaway pinballing between the streets and various group homes or state-run facilities. She experienced trauma that no child should have to endure at the hands of a brutal pimp. Her autobiography is titled Runaway Girl: Escaping Life on the Streets. She also founded Runway Girl, FPC, which provides employment opportunities to other survivors by offering survivor-led trainings that stress the importance of empowerment and also healthy community responses to the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). Carissa obtained her JD and MBA from UC Los Angeles.

Daphne Phung, MBA

Daphne volunteers as the Executive Director of California Against Slavery (CAS) and President of CAS Research and Education (CASRE). She is also the co-proponent of Proposition 35 (CASE Act). She loves children and is angered by injustice. To her, nothing violates and robs a child’s innocence and future as violently as the crime of human trafficking.  She founded CAS in 2009 with the vision that stopping this heinous human rights abuse is the duty of every person. She believes that human trafficking is a crime against human dignity which God has given each person. Through the Prop 35 campaign, she learned that a majority of trafficked children had a history with the foster care system.This prompted her to start CASRE in 2013 to work on the nexus between foster care and sex trafficking as well as the implementation of Prop 35. Daphne got her Bachelor’s degree from Reed College and MBA from Mills College, and works in finance in the online advertising industry.

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