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CAS strives to create a connected and collaborative California. We have started by bringing all the resources we could find into one directory. It is free, but it still costs. Thank you for your support!

Projects for 2020

Calendar of Events:
The best way to keep California Connected and Collaborating is by knowing how to! By creating a region specific calendar of events, we can connect citizens to local organization events.

Survivor Stories:
From our founding in 2010, CAS has promoted and provided a platform for survivor voice. We know we learn best how to prevent and how to support those exiting human trafficking from those who have experienced it. And there are so many out there that have not yet let their story be told. In 2020 we will endeavor to produce 20 additional survivor stories and videos to our library. This requires not only the identification, preliminary interview, and story coaching for survivors, but the professional services of a videographer and editor. We are committed to compensating each survivor who is interviewed. Estimated cost: $33,000 ($1,000 production + $500 honorarium per video; $3000 for subject screening and story coaching).

CAS Directory of Services:
This September we launched our free statewide California Directory of Services… and we are adding to it every week. Because we know that human trafficking has no boundaries and service providers often seek to provide safe programs for survivors out of state, in 2020 we will expand our directory to include surrounding states: Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Estimated cost: $10,000 (500 hours).