We partnered with HT-RADAR for our research needs. HT-RADAR is a collaborative research environment for San Diego data analysts, researchers, and other stakeholders who have skills and interests related to human trafficking related research.


HT-RADAR was formally launched by the Center for Justice & Reconciliation (CJR) at Point Loma Nazarene University in partnership with the County of San Diego and is now a professional network with the following practices:

  1. Aggregating regional human trafficking related research
  2. Convening and facilitating collaboration between human trafficking data analysts and researchers working in the region
  3. Facilitating the networking between practitioners, data analysts, and researchers
  4. Identifying potential human trafficking research funding for researchers studying human trafficking in the region
  5. Improving public knowledge of the results of research related to human trafficking across multiple disciplines and sectors through regular
    1. research updates
    2. an annual research conference every February

If you’d like to collaborate with a stakeholder concerning a research project or need, please complete the “Have a Research Need?” form or contact them!