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SoCal Safe Shelter Collaborative

Who started it? In the summer of 2018, during the JuST Conference in San Diego, California Against Slavery had a booth next to the Safe Shelter Collaborative. Throughout the entire conference, Ginger and Luz got to know Leah Policoff, Account Services Manager for Safe Shelter Collaborative and Catherine Hurd-Johnson, COO of Caravan Studios. We talked…

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Thank You Donors!

COVID-19 has affected everyone in its own particular way in spite of socioeconomic status, gender or ethnicity. It has pulled humanity together in more ways than one and we have seen how Californians have stepped up. Weeks ago we sent out a list of organizations’ needs and several of you responded with gift cards. We want…

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Use Your Purchasing Power for Good!

All of the following brands have some connection to our beautiful state and part (or all) of their proceeds go towards fighting human trafficking in one way or another. Cross out what you need from your Gift List! Here are the stories behind them: Dear Survivor is based in Los Angeles and is branching out…

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Underground Railroad Quilt

I recently learned of Underground Railroad Quilt, a legend or myth of how quilts were used to communicate with escaping slaves.  Now, I am not a quilter, much too impatient. But I love puzzles and patterns and am fascinated at how quilters create works of art out of scraps, creative minds, skilled hands… and patience.…

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